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Experience Does Matter! 
Executive Leadership Delivered!



  • Helped create Regional Office of Emergency Management

  • Over 100,000 acres of forest fire risk reduction

  • Fully funded Sheriff's Office every year

  • Fighting to stop child abuse and human trafficking


  • Multi-million dollar increased budget for roads

  • Delivered repaving of Highway 24 through UTE Pass

  • Broadband internet into Manitou Springs

  • Replaced over 200 old vehicles with new to increase efficiencies (snow plows, road pavers, salt trucks, graders, etc)

  • Accomplished all this and more without raising taxes


  • Helped over 30,000 citizens find jobs as Chair of the Pikes Peak Workforce Center

  • Aided in securing re-location of companies to El Paso County

  • Improved housing development process to control housing costs


  • Authored variances to help re-open businesses safely in El Paso County

  • Created team to coordinate community response

  • Voted to distribute over $40 million to local cities and towns

  • Ensured County services remained open to help citizens in need

More achievements below......

National Achievements

  • Appointed to the National Association of Counties (NACO) Community, Economic Development, and Workforce Board (CEWD)

  • Established El Paso County as a national leader in tiny home legislation (e.g. affordable housing)

  • Established County designed Opportunity Zone Policy Change as National Position for NACO

  • Met with Secretary of HUD, Ben Carson, to discuss affordable housing

  • Briefed Pikes Peak Workforce Center's achievements at National Governor's Association Symposium


State Achievements

  • Co-Chair, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) legislative affairs committee - succeeded in influencing several pieces of legislation on behalf of the citizens of the Pikes Peak region

  • Established legislative committee in the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) to improve local understanding of state initiatives related to criminal justice

  • Provided testimony on selected State transportation bills

  • Conducted extensive meetings with State legislators in a wide variety of proposed bills

  • Continued efforts to stop State unfunded mandates to Colorado counties

  • Appointed to and participated in Colorado Counties Incorporated (CCI) legislative development meetings 

  • Participated in policy development for state-wide affordable housing legislation


Regional Achievements

  • Leader on team to create Regional Office of Emergency Management - combined City and County operations - saved taxpayer dollars and improved operations

  • Improved regional cooperation by improving relationships with other public agencies like Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Monument, etc.

  • Speaker at numerous regional events  

  • Voting member on the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) - focus on transportation, aging, joint land use, environmental, and more

  • Co-Chair PPACG Legislative Committee - led the review of dozens of state legislative proposals leading to PPACG endorsed positions - several pieces of legislation were improved as a result

  • Voting member of Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) - 2017-2018


Infrastructure Improvements

  • Liaison to the County's Highway Advisory Commission

  • Supported Tabor relief ballot to increase infrastructure funding - the ballot passed with almost 70% citizen support. 95% of the funds are going into roads and bridges

  • Key member of team to accelerate I-25 widening

  • Approved budgets providing millions of dollars in County road equipment re-capitalization - Essential improvements for efficient road maintenance/construction

    • Snow plows, salt trucks, graders, Bomag (gravel road repaver), truck wash, more

  • Completed West Colorado Avenue revitalization

  • Led effort to deliver design improvements at intersection of Chipita Park and Highway 24 - construction to start 2020

  • Initiated and completed South Academy repaving

  • Supported over 40 additional road improvements in 2018 across the County

  • Established "unmanned aircraft service" contract for the County to improve reviews of infrastructure projects


Increased Public Safety

  • Chair, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

  • Established CJCC legislative committee to improve local understanding of state initiatives related to criminal justice

  • Voted to place Public Safety Sales Tax extension on ballot - approved by over 70% of voters - essential to continue current levels of service from the Sheriff's office

  • Approved funding additional body armor for sworn County law enforcement officers 

  • Closed down/fined marijuana stores violating permits - reduced illegal distribution risk

  • Cleaned out dozens of homeless camps which are public safety and public health risks - established a more efficient process now used County-wide

  • Improved cooperation with numerous public and private agencies to improve operations for criminally justice involved persons with mental health issues

  • Voted for retirement pay for Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick's family after he was killed in the line of duty


Parks Improvements

  • Commissioner liaison to El Paso County Parks Board

  • Completed development of Rainbow Falls, one of El Paso County's newest parks (near Manitou Springs) -  300 people now use the park daily

  • Voted to fund numerous park projects including

    • New dog parks

    • Gazebo repair at Fox run Regional Park

    • New youth bike park in Fountain Creek Park

    • Enhanced exhibits at Bear Creek Nature Center

    • Pineries open space trails and restoration

    • Jones Park trail re-location

    • New Elephant Rock open space in northern El Paso County

    • Establishment of Kane Ranch open space 


More Efficient and Transparent Land Use Planning

  • Recommended improved master planning - we now have a county-wide master plan in review and just finished a county-wide water master plan

  • Voted for and implemented nation-leading Tiny Home legislation

  • Voted for the Electronic Development And Review Program (EDARP) - program is less expensive for citizens and developers - offers better property information for all 

  • Voted for and implemented several development projects to increase housing supply and better manage rising housing costs

  • Voted for large downtown development that will add 4,500 apartments over 20 years

  • Provided extensive advocacy for construction defect reform which should increase market incentives to build apartments and town homes in El Paso County

  • Recommended creation of unbiased review process for Tax Increment Finance projects - process approved and now in operation


Improved Disaster Preparedness

  • Negotiated Regional Office of Emergency Management - combined City and County operations - Saves money, improves performance on critical life saving operations

  • Restructured fire risk mitigation public/private collaboration board

  • Established County "Supertanker" contract to increase local airborne firefighting water delivery

  • Voting member of Emergency Services Authority - removed government set rate controls to ensure county-wide ambulance services


Enhanced Higher Quality Economic Development

  • Advisory Board Member - Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - established better programs and relationships between the SBDC, the County, and the Community

  • Commissioner Liaison - Airport Advisory Committee - key member of team that has expanded commercial and general aviation operations at the Colorado Springs airport

  • Chair - Pikes Peak Workforce Center Board - provided 15,000 job placements last year among many other achievements

  • Successfully supported growth in numerous selected industries - including sports economy, cyber security, manufacturing, military base mission growth, aerospace, more

  • Led efforts to improve rural broadband - assisted in building broadband fiber optic capabilities up UTE Pass - endorsed County-wide Broadband Strategic Plan

  • Enhanced regional outdoor athletics - established bike ride/race in Fountain

  • Supported several arts economy efforts - extensive work with COPPR and Public Art Commission to grow our creative community and businesses

  • Working with community leaders to create a university affiliated research and development center


Improved Job Opportunities - Workforce Development

  • Chair of the Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC) Board

  • Provided leadership for an vastly improved regional workforce center that has been noticed by the state and nationally

  • Hired new Executive Director for PPWFC

  • PPWFC is now an award winning enterprise, the best in Colorado with record breaking job fairs, 15,000 job placements in 2018, award winning personnel, more

  • Enhanced programs for job seekers, employers, young adults, veterans, and citizens from disadvantaged backgrounds


Improved Homeless Policies

  • Cleaned out more than 12 homeless camps on the west side in last two years - increased public safety and reduced health risks for both residents AND the homeless

  • Recommended and now support Colorado Springs homeless outreach court as well as increased citations for illegal camping to encourage higher use of the outreach court

  • Assisted with finding new living arrangements for residents of Emerald Towers

  • Converted CSBG Program from emergency funding to self-sufficiency investments

  • Created combined Dept of Human Services / Workforce Center pilot program to help those in need get both counseling and job training 

  • Voted for and established an illegal camping ordinance


Increased Department of Human Services Citizen Support

  • Raised awareness for child abuse and human trafficking in El Paso County

  • Supported divestiture from intoxication center (not a gov't task, huge medical liability) - moved to Crossroads non-profit which also provides addiction prevention support in high schools

  • Supported processes to fix non-performing services contracts at DHS - saved millions of dollars and increased performance

  • Supported an improved state child welfare allocation formula resulting in more funds for El Paso County

  • Voting member of Child Alternative Placement Commission (Foster Care) - have improved public/private partnerships


Increased County Openness, Transparency, and Efficiency

  • Initiated and encouraged increases in strategic planning not done for a long time: 

    • Parks Plan, Broadband Plan, Housing Development Plan, Water Plan, County facilities plan, more

  • Delivered whistle blower protections in the County personnel manual

  • Created citizen-based Science and Technology Commission to improve County technology adoption

  • Supported and voted to fund new County, Clerk and Recorder and Assessor websites - provides easier citizen access and much more information 

  • Published in searchable format all county ordinances, land use and park regulations, etc.

  • Voted for several efforts to clean up and update planning code (bee keeping, ADA compliance, etc)

  • Voted for the Electronic Development and Review Program (EDARP) - a process to save citizen and developer time and money for development project reviews 

  • Implemented a strategy to increase citizen awareness of county services


Improved Environmental Services

  • Improved environmental services delivered by the County - collected over 500 tons of recyclable materials, over 100,000 gallons of household paint, and more in 2018

  • Created ordinance to stop dumping of tires in El Paso County - reduced fire risk and environmental damage 


Honoring Veterans and Supporting our Military Bases

  • Formed Pikes Peak Heroes Legacy Committee - focuses on honoring local heroes

  • Created museum exhibit now on display at the Colorado Springs airport telling the story of Mr. Don Stratton, survivor of the USS Arizona attack at Pearl Harbor - Stratton is a local El Paso County resident

  • Named the Fillmore Bridge after Mr. Don Stratton

  • Speaker at numerous Veteran's Day, VFW, American Legion, and VA events

  • Voting member of the Military Affairs Committee - enhanced community to base relationships

  • Voting member of the Defense Mission Task Force - helped capture more military missions and protect current missions

  • Contributor to growing our defense public and private business base


Demonstrated Community Leadership

  • Helped several citizens get their utilities re-established with CSU in Cascade

  • Member Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO) Advisory Committee

  • Volunteer for Saint Arnold Beer Festival which raises about $25,000 per year for Westside Cares

  • Voting member of the Community Services Development Board - achieved a re-emphasis of their funding recommendations from emergency services to sustainable services for people in need

  • Helps 2 to 3 citizens per week on wide ranging issues

  • Supports hundreds of non-profits in their missions to help people 

  • Guest climber with the AdAMan Club - I help launch fireworks from the top of Pikes Peak on New Year's eve

  • Speaker at Tri-Lakes Annual State of the Region Luncheon

  • Supporter of Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance


Supported Improved Public Health Efforts

  • Supported additional $200K more in 2019 budget for Public Health efforts

  • Key leader to improve community based mental health services

  • Working on initiatives to improve family health

  • Extensive work with Public Health on COVID response 


Key Member 2020 Census Preparation Team

  • Voting member of the Pikes Peak Complete Count Committee

  • Co-Chair of the Government Sub-Committee

  • Supporting increased County marketing development for the Census - it's important that everyone gets counted

Stan VanderWerf for El Paso County Commissioner District 3
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